Getting Your Store Published Virtually

With the whole world seemingly tipping into the virtual world with companies competing to figure out who can make the first perfectly abled artificial intelligent platform, if you are still in the age where having a virtual store open to mirror your own physical establishment seems like a nonsensical thing, here are some tips to get into the virtual business bandwagon. And you should probably start now as e-commerce sales totaled to around $1.2 trillion in 2013 alone and you could be dipping your own business revenue grabbing spoon onto that bundle.

Better start on that Facebook page

Better late than never proverb did not seem more profound than in the 21st century where everyone is in at least one social media site for sure. Facebook is the more popular option with Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other famous social media sites tagging along. Some businesses opt to have a page/ board / blog in at least three social media sites where they can add their information catering to specific audiences that follow the business. Professional SEO consultants comment that usually your own official website’s clicks can be boosted through social media if you have the official site link on the page at a visible location. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are actually searching for methods to allow users to purchase directly from the business’s respective social media page which will only increase virtual shopping even more, check out more about digital marketing agencies in Dubai.

Business page on Goggle+

Google+ is more attuned for those who want to go professional (as Facebook is more for individual’s personal preferences) and having a business profile and maybe a blog on Goggle+ will allow you to have better methods for collecting data and statistics in order to assess your audience and preferences which you can transfer to your SEO consultants. With Google+ you can get your low cost advertising going too as Google provides some of the best options for online advertising. Having a Goggle+ business page will allow you to post your products in one go with the details and have a more concise way of interacting and getting feedback from customers as well.

Putting your store on maps

People rely on their maps and smart devices to find close businesses to the point that the traditional ways of trying to find through newspapers and telephone books have all but vanished. But your business establishment will not show up on customer maps if it is not added to the respective map engine. Google, Apple and Microsoft all have different engines running when concerning maps and you will have to make sure that all these engines have your establishment marked. Offering mobile coupons, online polls, discounts and things and posting these events and opportunities on social media will garner much more attention and reach a far wider audience than the traditional methods.

Make Your Corporate Website More Attractive

The online presence of your organization relies mainly on the competence of your company website. Although social media sites might help you to gather followers, this is the ultimate platform which people refer to in order to look for information regarding products and for customer care. So, it is up to you to make this profile as much interesting as possible since you are not only company in the internet. Here are some tips that might help you to make your online presence stronger.

Include a Video on the Homepage
Instead of filling the homepage with irrelevant pictures and lengthy paragraphs about your products, you can include a video. Videos are a modern method of storytelling that many corporate agencies use. This could be a video about the company, its products or even about customer benefits. You can either create an animated video or include real people in it. Make sure to keep the message brief and make the visuals more appealing.

Live Chat
This is something that not all companies offer but something that all customers look for in a website design. This will enable your customers to instantly clarify any doubts and queries that they might have about the product. This will prevent them from going to any service provider. Also, including the service in the Contact Us page or in any other segment will eliminate unnecessary clutter in your website. In other words, this system ensures that all your customer queries are kept off screen giving a better web presence.

Responsive Design
Due to the popularity of smart phones, it is important for you to make your web design agency Bangkok highly responsive and user-friendly. This will help customers who use their phones to access the platform. This means that your customers can access information about your products whenever they want and from wherever they are. Moreover, making the platform responsive can also increase the number of visitors can thereby increase your revenue as well.

Limited Calls to Action
Remember that your target is to impress customers not to overwhelm them. Having too many calls to action can confuse your visitors and divert their attention from purchasing the product. Also, too many of these features can waste the space of the platform as well. So, limit the number of destinations you offer them from your homepage. Only keep the ones that are absolutely necessary and ones that will lead them to make a purchase. These will ensure that your company’s online presence is concise, appealing and successful just enough to attract your potential customers with the assistance of digital agency in Thailand, know more at